We're on a mission to make lunch in Singapore delicious, easy, and affordable. DishDash is using machine learning to conquer the billion dollar global lunch market. 

We know how frustrating lunchtime can be -- queueing in long lines, spending a lot on mediocre food, and having the same old choices every day. We thought there must be a better way to get tasty food quickly and conveniently without spending a fortune.

We tried traditional food delivery but the existing services usually require a high minimum order amount, charge pricy delivery fees, and take 40 minutes to an hour to deliver - no thanks. We also tried cabbing outside of CBD where there are good options and shorter queues but that takes time and money spent on cab fares.

So, what to do about this culinary conundrum? We decided to take matters into our own hands and launch DishDash! -- an innovative food delivery service that delivers Singapore's most popular dishes hot and fresh to you in your building lobby in less than 15 minutes. And here is the kicker: zero delivery fees!

We work with awesome restaurants like The Daily Cut, Grilllo, HJH Maimunah, Sarnie's and many others to bring you some of Singapore's most relished dishes at affordable prices. And we use state-of-the-art food delivery technology to keep the dishes our restaurant partners painstakingly prepare hot and fresh every time we deliver to you. 

DishDash - delicious, easy, affordable. Culinary conundrum solved. Bon appétit!

Team DishDash